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I was hanging out in my school library checking if they had a book I needed for my English essay.
After 5 minutes I actually found the book called: "The truth about the night" It's a children book, as my essay will be based on English psychology I needed to analyze at least one book that is aimed at children. I grabbed it and walked towards my secret spot, the only place on the whole school which lets me read without anyone disturbing me. I turned right after the last shelf titled "Fiction" and saw a small figure, that figure was a girl I knew since Prep school.
She was sitting down, her head was on her knees and I could hear her sob. My body wouldn't move, my brain was thinking of every possible way to approach her without startling her. She looked like a small, innocent creature who needed someone she could depend on. I couldn't stay there, I didn't wanted to disturb her while she looked so fragile and delicate- so I took a step back and my body decided it would be a good time to sneeze, making a sound so loud that it made the birds at the other side of the school flinch. The head of that fragile creature looked up to me with tears dropping from her eyes and said: "Oh… I'm sorry." She sniffed and continued: "I know you like this spot, I'll go now." My body stopped moving with my eyes looking down. As she stood up I noticed she had red marks in her knees, she must've been there for a while is what I thought. She started walking towards me. As she passed me my hand grabbed her arm, I was not in control anymore. "No, please stay, it's better to read with someone after all". She smiled with tears on her eyes and nodded. I took her hand and guided her to the 'spot' we sat down and I started reading out loud.
Her face looked pale, she probably hadn't eaten anything since yesterday. As I kept reading I noticed her tears had stopped, her smile was getting bigger and her eyes were locked on the book, she looked as if she had forgotten everything that kept her crying.
Thirty minutes passed, I closed the book and noticed she had fallen asleep on my shoulder. Her eyes looked tired, I bet she had a hard time sleeping last night. I could see a hint of pink lip gloss that was probably washed away, just the same way the color of her face was. However, her cheeks kept a slight reddish color that stood out in her white face. My heart was pounding, it has been a long time since I saw her the same way I did that day.
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December 11, 2012
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